Morning Star Games

Not only do I create movies and novels, I also create board games!

I created my first game as a gift for two friends who were dating, to help them get to know each other better. They loved You’re Pulling My Leg! so much (and eventually got married!) that I launched Morning Star Games so You’re Pulling My Leg! could be available in stores around the world.

Its success led me to create new games–You’re Pulling My Leg! Junior, Pet Detectives, Slap Wacky! and JabberJot. Each game has been honored with awards (which now total 38!) and soon I was getting emails from people all over the globe who told me how much they delight in playing these games.

I was also honored that Parent to Parent magazine named Morning Star Games the “Best Toy Line.” Here’s what they wrote:

“Morning Star Games was chosen as the Best Toy Line based on the overwhelmingly positive feedback from our Family Testers. Their games provide hours of fun and surpass our tough testing criteria. They challenge memory skills and encourage abstract reasoning, logical thinking and strategy. Our Family Testers also appreciated the intellectual stimulation, play and laughter which are hallmarks of Morning Star Games. Players enjoy the interaction and challenges which inspire everyone to simply appreciate each other for themselves.”

The games sold out in Christmas 2015 but you might be able to find a few left on Amazon or Ebay. Be sure to sign up for updates if you’d like to know when the games will relaunch!


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